Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Candy is not Only for Children

Candy Stations are the rage and we have seen many different types in the past few years. We love making them and each one is unique to the event. We have about 50 glass containers to choose from and tons of scoops and decor. We are providing them to our brides, other brides, venues and wedding planners. They just keep getting better and better. We like to display 12-14 flavors of candy in about 20 containers, so it is truly abundant. We can include cellophane bags, personalized tags, and an attendant, but the wedding planner can do these things on her own. We have special pricing for venues and planners so they can pass on the service to their clients at a reasonable rate. Give us a call and we can discuss details!


Tracy-Girl said...

That top one is my favorite... ;)

John said...

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