Saturday, September 26, 2009

An Indian Wedding Celebration

I love what I do and feel so fortunate that I am continuing to learn about new and interesting wedding rituals. In the photos above I have included some of the pre-wedding rituals for a Sikh wedding. The Indian celebrations typically last the entire week of the wedding.
The Choora or bangle ceremony takes place at the bride's home where the maternal uncle and aunt of the bride give her white and red bangles. Silver and gold ornaments known as kalira are tied to the bangles. The couple are not allowed to leave their homes for a few days prior to the wedding. Gana is the ritual where an auspicious red thread is tied to the right wrist of the groom and the left wrist of the bride; it is a sacred thread that protects them from ill omens.
Vatna is celebrated a few days before the wedding. This is pictured in the center photo above; family members smear the vatna, a scented powder made of barley flour, turmeric and mustard oil, on the bride and groom. This is followed by an auspicious bath.
The Mehndi party is typically the eve before the wedding and many brides invite their relatives, wedding party and sometimes all of the female guests to have beautiful henna patterns applied to their hands and feet.
The Sangeet is a celebration, often at the brides home, where the relatives dance (photo on bottom right) and entertain the bride and groom. For more details check out

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